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Live rock and coral sale, entry level


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My tank is too full and I'm needing to downsize to roughly half my bio load. Two of my large, supporting live rocks must go, also cactus coral and some dwarf green anemones. I have pics labeled. My aquarium is too small to get the rocks out and take decent pics, so I took multiple angles to help. 

1. $35 or best offer. Large reef rock full of SeaFoam palys, a few other various palys, and a couple blue or turquoise mushrooms. The $35 is basically the cost of the bare live rock.

2. $35 or best offer. Large reef rock full of brown/green palys and turquoise mushrooms.

3. $20 Cactus coral. Fist sized. Frags available too. Free standing frags. 

4. $15 3-4 dwarf green anemones. At least 3 full size, but it reproduces monthly. Might be 4th on it. Attached to small rock. 


Im in Salem, and would prefer if you came to pick them up. 







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27 minutes ago, Sasquatch said:

If those are nems in 4 I will take them for 20. I like weird anenomes and look like a majano from the Indian Ocean or austrialia. Maybe walking dendrite like Ron said

All yours if he still has em :) 

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I've never positively identified them. With being anemones, they do sting corals that touch them. That's why I'm getting rid of them actually. My tank is 28 gallons and my corals are outgrowing the tank. They have multiplied from 2 on the rock to 6 total. 4 on the rock, and 2 on the wall of the aquarium where the rock was touching for over a year. They are bright neon green centers with a bit of contrast from the soft medium purple tentacles.

If Ron or Sasquatch want them still then reply here or PM me.

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I've had several offers on the anemones, but then people bow out or dont message me back when they say tonight will work. I desperately need to up the water flow in my aquarium to take care of water issues, but can't do that until I get all the small and loose corals off the sand bottom. I have a bright red mushroom that is loose and needs to go, a blue spotted pink mushroom on a frag plug, and plenty of loose turquise mushrooms for anyone wanting freebees. I'll even deliver in Salem area for anything $20 or up. I'll put pics up of the extra mushrooms this evening, but need to clean the glass for better pics first. Sasquatch it says you're in beaverton. Do you come to salem ever?

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They are not. They have stayed attached to the same rock for years, aside from the couple that have reproduced and grown up the aquarium walls.

I dont have much empty sand left in the aquarium. Its filled with soft corals and a few stony ones. I need to double my water flow to take care of an algae issue, so I'm clearing out the reef floor of anything that will get swept away in the increased water flow and sting each other. Downsizing on a couple that have grown well in the last couple years and I dont have space for anymore. Im keeping the couple anemones attached to the aquarium wall, as they are above ground level and unlikely to catch any drifting my mushrooms.

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