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APEX - Fallback Question


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I was working downstairs the other morning and suddenly all of my tank lights turned off. My apex was flashing yellow - and all of the modules had lost connection. I rebooted and things seem to be OK - but quick question.

I understand how "Fallback" works - but that just if the modules lose connection to the brain. What happens if the brain just completely dies? Will the power blocks (EB4,EB8) turn into regular energy bars at that point? But set with your fallback options on each outlet? So if the APEX brain completely bites the dust, but you have heaters and pumps on "FALLBACK ON' will they continue to receive power?

I'm heading out of town and I don't really care if my lights go off for a bit, but I just want to make sure that if the APEX goes on the fritz at least the pumps/heaters are going to function.

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Yes, if the energy bars don’t get a reply from the Apex brain, each outlet will revert to the Fallback settings.  If your heaters don’t have a built in thermostat, it’s best to set the heater outlets to Fallback Off, otherwise you will cook your tank pretty quickly.

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Hey thanks for the response. I also got some info from Neptune and it's interesting.

I'm running the APEX Jr. They say that the outlets on the junior will fail if the circuit board fails. They don't go to 'FALLBACK' positions if the whole things dies. Their suggestion was to have any vital outlets running on the EB8, which will work regardless of what the brain is doing.

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