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Help with Kenya tree and xenia


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They are hard to kill but I have seen it done. I won’t mention any names.😀 If water quality is good, I probably wouldn’t worry too much. Besides there are plenty of people who can get you more.  I know for me , the Kenya tree and Xenia wouldn’t do as well when the water got really cold in the winter (no heater on that particular tank) but that shouldn’t be an issue in the summer. If they were near each other , corals will release toxins to nearby corals. Honestly in a crowded tank that’s how I end up losing most of my corals. 

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I have had them do that before and I would not really worry. If they fail to stand up, I would remove them though. They are super resilient though. I have a Kenya tree that just appeared in the last couple of months. I have not had any in 2+ years and not added anything new in almost as long. It does seem they like their water a little dirty. Dont worry, if your Kenya dies you can have mine, Its stinging another coral.

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