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Holiday Party/Dec. Meeting Details!


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Hello all,

It's almost time for the annual PNWMAS December Meeting/Holiday Party so thought it would be good to share some additional details.

As noted in the save the date thread, this year's event will be at the McMenamin's Kennedy school location in NE Portland (https://www.mcmenamins.com/kennedy-school).  Our event will be from 1-4 PM on Saturday Dec. 2nd in the Jordan room which is located at the back of the building.  Directions and a map of the location are both available from the link above.  It is located just north of Killingsworth St.on 33rd ave.

For those that don't know, this is the building that housed the Kennedy grade school (where I actually attended back in the day) and our meeting will be in one of the old classrooms - hope that doesn't cause anyone bad flashbacks!  There are many things to do there including a movie theater showing recent big release movies and a nice, heated, outdoor soaking tub as well as multiple small pub and restaurant spaces if anyone wants to make an adventure out of it.  There also appears to be rooms available for Friday and Saturday night for any out-of-towners who might want to get there early or stay late (too much beer perhaps?).

Food:  The club will be providing some "snackable" pizza (small cut pieces) in a few varieties - Green w/ Envy, BBQ chicken, Margherita, and Pepperoni - as well as salad and non-alcoholic beverages (ice tea, lemonade, water).  If you would like something different or more substantial, you will be able to order "to go" in one of the restaurants and bring it back to our space.  For those wishing to enjoy one of the many adult beverages, there will be a dedicated server in the room to take drink orders (non-hosted).  As noted above, there are several dinning options in the building so you could come early/stay late and indulge in one of those options as well and keep your hand free for other activities during the meeting!

Activities:  As you may have already noticed, our industrious VP, @badxgillen, has started a frag swap thread for this event

and it sounds like we might have some action happening there so check it out.  Please note, we wont have a frag tank available.

Also, as per usual, we will have a fantastic collection of items up for raffle again this year and you can keep track of those on the special raffle thread that @Emerald525 started for us...  Raffle tickets will be available for $5 each or 5 for $20 with paid members getting one free.

There are plans to repeat the white elephant gift exchange (recommended value of $10) of "reef related" items (please ignore @spectra's Justin Bieber suggestions in the save the date thread - it will be better for all of us).

To top it all off, I believe some of our more reef-geeky members (I will let you guess who) have been working on some trivia questions for you all!  Stay tuned!

Not sure how we will fit all of this in but we will do our best!  Hopefully many of you will be able to make it and share some food, fun and reef-talk with the rest of us as we finish off another calendar year of PNWMAS-sponsored events.  It's been a great year for the club and hopefully all of you as well so let's celebrate it together.

See you there!


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Yes, these are some good highlights here Albertareef...And no I don't mean the Bieber! I think some people will want to take a second glance at how much will be going on this Saturday so they can get their priorities straight and make sure they are at this meeting.

And FlashyFins, you are always Festive! I might be just enough to wear a tie dye tank top but thats about it, no sweaters or Santa hats for me.

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6 minutes ago, nrc said:

Thanks Albertareef, Flashyfins, Emerald525 and all the others I am sure I missed.  

It was a great event.   I'm looking forward to the next one.



Glad you enjoyed it Nate - it was good to see you there!  We don't do trivia or gift exchanges at all the meetings but do typically have a good time none the less so hopefully you will be make it to some others between now and next December!

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