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200g deep dimension with stand


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ok, i am FINALLY done working on this tank. the details..


1. standard marineland deep dimension tank. 48x36x27 starphire front panel.

2. I removed the corner overflows (because they are hideous and kind of stupid) and built a central 2 foot long "ghost box" style overflow.

3. two 1.5" drains and one 1" inch bulkhead on the overflow for a beanimal style drain.

4. two one inch schedule 80 hoes drilled for the returns (next to overflow).

5. the tank is also drilled for a closed loop system. there is a two inch return and the two former stand pipes in the corners for returns.


I know.. i know.. people don't run closed loops like they used to but that was before DC pumps came into play. With a $150 jebao you could push 4000gph+. I thought that two of the corner pipes flowing behind the rock work and two facing diagonal. That and maybe one gyre would keep any sps happy.


stand is SOLID. .like ridiculous, but it does come apart so you can get it through doors to set it up. It is very nicely made.


it's a SWEET tank and you could do some amazing aquascaping..especially since the corner overflows are gone. I was stoked when I bought it from another forum member but when running plumbing through my entire house for a basement sump and running new electrical circuits I told myself I wasn't going to do all this nightmare work and not have my dream tank which is a 6x3 rimless. The downside, this dream tank comes at a "i should have my head examined" price.


comes with all the bulkheads and unions for all the returns and closed loop holes.


$750 takes it home (bring friends to help unload it).5687c5c2b83dbeb69c04e9bfd7733d22.jpg2fac26379c8a01e4fa97e97a79a1a08c.jpgf2996eb71546127791cfa9b0d6419588.jpg87b8671515d9d946ca2abd88b26f03dc.jpg81c32d5b4f21be4bc6819c3424930d29.jpgfad60da454f43fa0b1cf9860a10110fa.jpg


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Wow - you did a bunch of work on that.  Do all the drilling yourself?  This should make a killer setup for someone. 
i did a little drilling, painted the back, built the skimmer and overflow box and had to polish the @#$& out of the glass to get rid of the remnants of where the overflows were connected. It's a sweet tank, if my ego was smaller it would be running in my living room right now.

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Looking good man!  Definitely made a nice difference getting rid of the corner overflows!  That was the worst part about the tank!!

Assuming you are re purposing the OM and closed loop parts for your new mega-ego setup?  

word. i never understood why they didn't close off those overflows. nice big tank with a view of encrusted plumbing...





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