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Seahorse & Jellyfish....Gift Certificate/Contest


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Ok......stop with the 1000 pm's, lol

These are not for sale......it has taken a good bit of work to get them to play nice in the same tank.  It's a delicate balance.  I mean just look at the picture....Let's hear some guesses. I mean it's obvious to me, the sea horse is giving the stink eye to the Jelly fish.  The jelly fish totally looks like he just got caught.....Do we have any creative thinkers out there ?!?  

Lets make this a contest.......Give me your short story of what is happening in this picture. You have till this coming Wednesday evening at 8pm to post your story of what is happening in the above pic. Winner will get a $50 dollar Gift Certificate to Paradise Coral.

The best story will be picked by a creative thinker her self........... Miss Karissa.

Let the fun beggin!


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  • MrBret changed the title to Seahorse & Jellyfish....Gift Certificate/Contest
16 hours ago, Jorge said:

Oooh I have one!!! 

Seahorse is telling a joke!

Seahorse: Hey jelly, how many tickles does it take to make a jellyfish laugh?

Jellyfish: How many??

Seahorse: ten-tickles!! :rimshot:


At the moment......Miss Karissa says you are in last place, and first!     

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I think that the jellyfish asked the seahorse what their tank maintenance, water change and testing protocol was and the seahorse answered that he just "plays it by ear" and doesn't do any regular tank maintenance or testing at all - he/she thinks it's just a waste of time and energy.  Jellyfish is utterly shocked because the seahorse is well known to have the nicest tank around!

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On 11/27/2017 at 3:47 PM, Emerald525 said:

@MrBret just curious who actually won this contest... :moneybag: (emoticon has nothing to do with anything just a new one thought it was cute)

I just sent her a text to review and send me her winner and reason why......lets see what an 11 year old says

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19 hours ago, Jorge said:

Option 2!

Bag up a space invader pectinia!

You have 24hrs. I'll call with a pick up location. No funny business!!

I just went to grab you the whole thing, but the building started shaking and the lights starting shooting spaks........so i slowly backed away.  I'm sure there is something else here you will like :)

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