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Hello from Redmond


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Hey all,

I stumbled across this site as I was researching a new project tank. I used to post on another site focused on small reef tanks but stopped when I left the hobby. It’s been several years since I had a saltwater tank and I’ve been really thinking of getting back into the hobby. I’ve maintained several nano/pico tanks but haven’t stood up anything larger since I lost my 30g to a catastrophic acrylic failure that resulted in a flooded den. That was probably ten years ago or so. After that disaster and epic cleaning session I was a bit too hesitant to venture into the med/large tank arena again. When I retired my last pico tank I ended up giving away pretty much all my equipment and all the livestock. As such, any new saltwater adventure I undertake means I’ll have a blank slate to start from. Until that time I’ll just be spending some time reading through the site to get caught up. But before I do, I wanted to post here and say a quick “Hello” :)

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Welcome!  Glad you found us and hope you find some inspiration along the way. Great community here with lots of helpful and experienced reefers - many with larger systems who likely have there own flood horror stories. If you do decide to take the plunge make sure to start a build thread to share the adventure!

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