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Plan to get first acros at frag fest, suggestions?


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Hey everyone, going to go to frag fest tomorrow and want to pick up a few beginner acros, lokking for suggestions. I actually did try a green slimer and another blue acro about 10 months ago but they slowly died over the course of a month or 2 probably due to some swing in parameters. I now believe I have my water chemistry down and have had very stable parameters for the last 3-4 months.  Currently have a few sps thriving, green and purple stylo, red monti cap, lepto, and a Hollywood stunner that grows like a weed.  

Salinity 1.026 refractometer checked weekly when doing water change

alk 7.9-8.2 hanna checker checked every day or two  

cal 420-430 red sea pro checked twice a week

mag 1470-1500 salifert checked weekly i know its high but has been high with last 2 batchs of aquaforest

nitrates 1-4 red sea pro tested 1-2 times a week

phosphates .02-.04 red sea pro 1-2 times a month  



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13 minutes ago, Oregonic said:

Yes using led, ai 26hd over red sea e170. Running the brs rendition of ab+ at 80%. I do need to get in line on the par meter booking thread but based on the tests brs did top of my rock work should be above 250 the par. 

I personally on a tank like that with a fixture having only 2 pucks, would add an additional fixture for an even spread, but give it a shot. Also ensure you center your frags below that way the light will be hitting it from both sides (between the pucks).  ...as for the PAR booking thread I have been on that thing since June, so maybe seeing if one of your friends have one or if any local shops rent them might prove to be faster. 

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Picked up 2 acros, a frogspawn (im a sucker for euphyllia), a monti cap, and a space invader pectinia. Hopefully the sticks survive water is stable and i have my light in acclimation mode for 2 weeks reduced by 25% so got my fingers crossed :fingerscrossed:  9AAC9FF8-01F6-4A51-8AE6-EA9B211C9293.jpeg6B8A1409-6B6C-4071-BB53-E4D00075A52D.jpeg27327831-DFEA-4EC4-9B64-4477886C0541.jpegC44CE892-27F0-4C24-95B9-EDC3B1CA2370.jpegDA2BC981-BDA8-45B0-A71F-DF3F18B3BF07.jpeg

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