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NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!


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The board really stepped it up on prizes l Remember all profits will go to the Boys and Girl club to get a new tank so buy lots of tickets!

How about a jellyfish tank? Thanks Jellyfish Art!! Who wouldn't want one of these in their office ? This is so cool and lights up in different colors!!





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Special thanks to Jeff Slemp from Cuttle Fish and Corals! He was able to get us the following raffle items and swag!

Aquatic life twist in 100 gpd rodi unit! This looks pretty simple to change out!

And for those of you into sustainability Quality Marine is donating a tank bred flame angelfish and a blue streak pipefish!! 


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17 minutes ago, Paratore said:

I'm not gonna have any money left after this meeting....

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That's the idea! The more raffle tickets you buy the more money goes to Tanks for Teachers. The more frags you buy from vendors the more the word gets out and we bring in more vendors and more options!


This could get BIG! :)


That pipefish is cool!

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18 hours ago, Flashy Fins said:

We typically don't have a meeting in November, so you won't need any leftover money! ;)

lol that's right ! Just enough time to save for the December meeting !


Time to announce a new raffle prize !! How about a Maxspect gyre?

Frag show is this Saturday!!

Raffle tickets are 2 dollars or a sheet of 26 for 40 dollars!!

Remember all proceeds go to our Tanks for Teacher program.


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