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Tanks Overfloweth... Thanks @ssappington


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Well Steve is prepping for his big house move.  


If you know him, he is a great guy and very good at reefing.

I offered to do some babysitting for him if necessary during the move as a result of the thread pasted above.


Went to his house today.

He snipped a few SPS here and there, and before I knew it there were literally bucketloads of coral to haul home.

Ironically you could barely tell we had removed anything from his tank.

Got it all home (now what!!??)  Where is this all gonna go?

Even with all the space, (I have an 8' frag tank and a 4'x4'x2' 240 cube), I still found myself stretched trying to fit it all in there.

Two things

1)  I am most impressed by Steve's reef thumb, the beautiful coral and all of it.  Well done!

2)  If Steve asks you to be a backup grower for him during the move, JUMP ON IT.

Thanks @ssappington for the opportunity to fill up the tanks.

I sincerely hope there is allot of growing and healthy coral to return to you once you get settled.



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