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Palettas New Article - Mistakes Newbies Make


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Lots of good tidbits here, good read for experienced and those new:



My mistake over the years that i have personally made is 'unproven fads'.

Unproven Fads

The last way that new hobbyists get into trouble by being impatient and rushing into things is by jumping into every new technique or idea as soon as it is talked about on the internet. There are an infinite number of ways to successfully do a tank with new ideas and new methodologies constantly being talked about and shown.

When you are new, and even when you are have done this for a while, it can be very alluring to want to try and add or do these new things in your tank. As I stressed, keeping things stable will go a long way toward helping achieve long-term success.



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I think there is also a bit of the "yeah, but I am smarter/more experienced" thinking that goes into that as well and we all assume, at some point, that we will avoid problems others have fallen into.  Until they actually happen to us that is!  As Kim notes - sometimes you just have to experience it for yourself.  Unfortunately, that tends to be costly and painful experience in this hobby :shock:

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