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I can't figure out which forum is the right place to post a question on how to navigate in this website.  Specifically, I know I have a private message waiting for me, but I can't find there this is hiding.  

there must be a simple answer to both questions.  Please help.  Standing by......

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Hey Paul,

if you are using your phone (mobile site) then you need to click on the icon with the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner. That will give you a pop up menu which, at the top, includes a mail icon (looks like an envelope). That gets you to your messages. On the full site, the same icon is in the top right menu bar and likewise takes you there. If you have a PM you haven't read yet and you are logged into the site (full or mobile) you should see a red number above the relevant icon to let you know something new is there. Just keep clicking on the icons with the red indicator and you should get there. 

As to the more general question, the site is built on a standard forum template so I can see if I can find a useful guide for It and post it somewhere obvious. One of our great admins may be able to point t you to it in the meantime @TheClark @Chief

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That helps.  But does this website have a mobile app for my cellphone?  If so, how do I find it?

As for the upper right three bar icon, I only looked at all the choices in the drop down list, and never noticed the alarm bell and envelope icons that appeared at the very top.

Still outstanding is where does one post questions about the website?  Out of Bounds?  

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If you access the site on your phone by going to the usual URL (www.pnwmas.org) you wil automatically get the mobile version of the site - which is specifically formatted to work on portable devices.

There is a third party app that you may have heard people discuss called tapatalk that allows you to aggregate and interface with multiple forums so if you use reef2reef as well as PNWMAS you might want to explore that option. It isn't necessary, however, and as a third party app. can have issues when the main site updates.  This happened recently and a lot of people couldn't log into PNWMAS using tapatalk for a while. 

As for proper place to post regarding site issues I don't think anyone has defined one as of yet.  If it is something that requires immediate attention then contacting the admins is appropriate. For more general questions I think they will typically get noticed regardless of where they end up but out of bounds seems fine. It is worth considering creating a place for this though - I'm sure some discussion will follow. 

Hope that helps. 

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