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Moving! How to take my critters with me


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SO my wife and I just bought 5 acres in Woodland! (and a GIANT house)This has long been our dream, but now we have to move for the first time in 22 years!

I'm concerned about how to properly move my sea creatures, or if its even possible.

remember I  have about 500 gallons!

I'm thinking rubbermaid stock tubs for livestock, 

wash the sand with RODI

re-setup tank at new place

reintroduce livestock


will this work, or am I going to have problems with the sand bed?

I'd rather rehome all my livestock than kill it all  and just start over if the tank is going to go through a major cycle...

ADVICE PLEASE! anyone out there ever successfully moved an established 300 gal tank?




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I'll be moving my 300g tank later this month. It's not something I'm looking forward to, but with good planning and enough hands, I'm hopeful it will go smoothly. I've had a couple tank moves in the past the have gone smoothly. I'll be setting up a couple holding systems for my livestock at the new house and moving them over first. With the livestock moved, there won't be the same kind of time crunch and stress there would be otherwise. With the other moves I did everything at once, but since this tank is quite a bit bigger, I'm thinking that doing it in stages will make most sense. Good luck with your move. Your new house looks great!

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Congratulations Steve, looks like a mighty fine place to finish up life at. It would be hard to upgrade from that forested scenery thats for sure. I think you have most of the moving part covered. You will need a number of able bodied hands as well as extra salt water made up at the new house. Prepare for as many contingencies as possible and don't forget to bring a towel or two.

Some people use battery powered air pumps and AC DC Car converters for other appliances but I find that an air conditioned rig and good planning can conquer things without too much complication, just alot of hard work.

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Congrats Steve!  Let me know if you need a hand!

So I moved this current 240 and all the livestock here to it's current home.  It really required having extra tanks ready and cycled at the destination.  Then I moved the tank, set it up and transferred everything in over time.  Just my experience.  Having holding tanks is key for success IMO and taking off allot of the stress.  Not a guarantee but a good investment.

I have a few 100 gallon stock tanks you can borrow if it helps.

Good luck and congrats!!

PS:  I cannot imagine all the critters that will inhabit that property, you will have to charge admission :)


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