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We have cards!!


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You asked for it you got it!! 

Thanks Zoolander and Cherany for working on getting these printed up!!

I will pass them out at the September meeting !!

Next goal is to get t-shirts made !!


( Disclaimer the kitten has NOTHING to do with this post at all just looked cute when I was taking pictures !)IMG_0265.JPGIMG_0266.JPG

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@Flash21 yes it was a wedding gift for Sirena. I fell in love with them when I took Sirena to a car show. It's like having a little leopard.

@albertareef Sirena would have shown them to you we were just afraid they would get out with all the people!

@Trailermann I love your "cat" ! He's a beauty. I'm actually the dog person. The kittens look d of drive me nuts knocking stuff off of the table. 

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36 minutes ago, spectra said:

Cats :doh:  lets just leave it at that.....................sorry there not for me.................I have a slightly used one if anyone wants one :laugh: I think he is 18 or 19 but not really sure.............

It will stay alive forever just to spite you - it is the way of the cat.  We have three so are familiar with their devious ways. 😻

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