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Rainbows are taking ova my sump!

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Through 2 rainbow nems in the sump for temporary housing, now have 9 from what I can see.
Quite colorful and bubbly, I might add... [emoji41] e08993ca9a7a07a583b92c38599f46b8.jpg
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Very nice indeed! My rbta was bubbly at the store but is just long now. When I sold it's clones, they're bubbly in other people's tank. If you decide to sell some of your rainbows, let me know.

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Thanks Daniel!
My nems, for some reason, stay bubbly. Every once in a while, some of their tents will deflate but will bubble right back up. I don't do anything special, either. Who knows.
I'll definitely let you know once they're ready. As a matter of fact, probably sooner than you think...

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Thanks rdavis!
My sump is nothing special at all. 3 basic chambers. Yes, I have LR in the center chamber not much tho. LR takes up about half the space in the chamber. My nems and other misc frags are thrown in there due to limited space in the DT. My light is just a basic LED sbox (blackbox) which, I switched out the LED panel to a Reefbright panel about a year and a half ago. Curve 5 skimmer in the first chamber...and that's it!

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