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Need someone to take care of my 5 gallon SW and 10 gallon FW


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I'm going to be gone for like a month in september due to some unexpected circumstances. I haven't been able to get anyone I know (and trust to take care of fish) to look after my tanks. 

1 10 Gallon freshwater with bettas, several tetras, 1 otto catfish, 2 small plecos, 1 rainbow shark, 1 kuhli loach (it's literally covered in plants, and I plan to upgrade soon)

1 5 gallon tank with 2 green spot puffers and a purple shore crab (got it to feed my puffers from the coast, it's been alive for a couple months and puffers refuse to eat it, didn't have heart to kill it). (Was in a 20, put them in a 5 for convenience, they'll do fine for a month in it).

Luckily I haven't stocked my 120 that just finished cycling yet. I had gotten it fully setup but after a breakout of brown slime I had to start it over.

Would really appreciate the help, and could help return the favor in the future.

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Put puffers into 5 G from 20 G.
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I'm literally 5 mins away from you.  Not sure what you'd need one to do. If you can pm me to explain a bit more I might be willing to stop by.  


I have had FW tanks all my life and have 2 reef tanks. So you'd be in good hands in my opinion  




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