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Possible Carpool HMSC


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Was hoping someone from or between Portland and Salem were thinking about taking the I5 route to the coast for the Hatfield Marine Science Center meeting this weekend...And that if there was someone was going this way would be willing to swing through Corvallis and let me tag along with them to attend the meeting. My original plans fell through which didn't bother me, but then so did my secondary one which makes me concerned, thus here I am seeing if there is an empty seat in a fellow members vehicle.

I promise to behave ;) And I have frags or cash for fuel if that is intriguing at all.

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Unfortunately Miles will not be with us as he is still in New Zealand. Actually it is pretty cool for him, I have seen a few pictures he has sent back of some of the areas he was able to visit, looks like  a nice life experience. I can most likely snag the frag and get it to his tank since I am taking care of it for him until he gets back.

And that would be Great Cherany! I would most certainly take you up on your offer, let me PM you and we can work out some details...And are you into LPS yet or still on the LPS fix? I might be able to get a frag to you if your tank  isn't already full up.

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Ok, I wasn't sure how long his NZ trip was, but now I don't feel so bad about hanging onto his coral for longer than I meant to.

My LPS-dominate tank is slowly turning into a mixed reef, although I think I have all the SPS I want for now. I broke down my coral QT for the summer, since I had a couple of vacations and didn't want the dog sitter having to also take care of multiple tanks. I'll put it together again soon, but as of right now, I have no place for new corals. Appreciate the offer, of course!

Details for car pool, just PM me. :)

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1 hour ago, Flashy Fins said:

It's winter there! If he doesn't come back soon, his 2017 will be summer-less!


Oh I would be fine with that if I could live there...............


Summers are over rated :laugh: who needs any heat..........

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22 hours ago, Flashy Fins said:

Hmm, if you have room and don't mind, maybe we can both pile in with you? Would make it a fun little road trip. 

Ohhhh that does sound fun!:clap: One of my favorite things is road tripping with fellow reefers. Sadly though with Sirena's new job she has a work obligation that morning so we actually are going to be a little late to the party :teardrop:. We will do our best to get there around noon so we can at least get the bbq going. I will have the car packed up and ready. It looks to be about 2 hours and 30 minutes away so we will shoot for leaving the house here at 930 am.

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