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Cichlids for sale


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Ya ya I know that this is a reef forum but I Am hoping there may be some one out there that is the same as me I have had a freshwater setup for years with different kinds of fish right now I have cichlids and a few catfish that I'm wanting to sell so I can convert my 120 over to salt I want to upgrade my 40 gallon reef tank into my hundred twenty gallon also have a Fluval fx6 that I would be willing to sell but the livestock has to go first


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Also interested in the bucco if pdxmonkey skips it.

Any other full grown or colored up males? Post pics?

Off topic - but would anybody be interested in F1 mobas? I'm considering setting up a breeding tank with a spare 180 I have. Curious what the market would be.

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12 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

I have two hap and peacock tanks.. curious to know which species you have. do you have a pundamilia nyererei by chance? they look like this...



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I figured I would find you here eventually...

This is a stunning fish - would love to see it if you do find one at some point.

I wonder if Wet Spot would be interested if no one on the board wants them.

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Sorry everyone my phone was acting weird and was not getting any of these updates I don't know exactly what species fish they are I know one of them is a Bumble Bee and 4 of them are bright orange I know that's really bad I don't know what's in my tank but I like how they look and I don't really want to see them go but I don't have the money or the space to just buy a big saltwater reef tank so converting my freshwater is the only way I can go

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