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Throwing in the towel for now sell off


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I'm starting a new job and with schooling, trainings, traveling etc I'm just going to sell everything and take some time off from the hobby. Live stock has to go before equipment I will not hold anything unless paid for. I'm in Oregon city. Text is easiest for me 5032674537


Lagoon 25 glass is in amazing shape with a stand, 2 filter socks, 2 spin streams and the return pump and heater with built in control$210.00


ATI 24 inch 4 bulb sunpower with 4 bulbs, 2 of which are nearly brand new and comes with a brand new ATI actinic bulb as well and the hanging kit $280 -SOLD


Light hanger that screws to back of stand can hold all sorts of lights but holds the ATI perfectly! 60 bucks


Auto top off with float switch and Tom's aqua lifter 35 bucks. It's from ato.com nothing fancy but works well SOLD


Multi type zoa rock, utters chaos, fire and ice, clementines, Rasta, Sakuras, blue tubs, 70 bucks SOLD


Bam bams rock 40 bucks SOLD


Zoa rock with a ton of King midas, Blondie blue eyed bi@%ches, and sunny ds, 80 bucks SOLD


Big chunk of live rock with rose bubble tip, Garf bonsai sps, a blue sps, and my clown, it's some special species but I don't remember what. I know it wasn't cheap lol 100 bucks SOLD


2 fire fish 20 for the pair SOLD


Big colony of neon candy canes 60 bucks SOLD


Big Duncan colony 75 bucks SOLD


Combo rock with red pinwheels zoas, pink zipper zoas, Yumas, star polyps. It was 150 bucks at upscales 80 bucks SOLD


Frag of rastas on a plug 8 polyps I think 20 bucks SOLD


Red and blue acans 40 bucks SOLD


Yellow Goby 10 bucks might have a pistol shrimp they were paired but I haven't seen the shrimp if so 20 for the pair. SOLD


Reefkeeper lite NEEDS TEMP PROBE 50 bucks


Tunze nano scraper 15 bucks


I have a bunch of test kits, food, chemicals, all sorts of crap I'll make deals on too but I don't want to list it all out lol




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All corals are sold or pending pickup.
I have the tank, stand, heater combo for 210 bucks still! Tank should be available for pickup Saturday or Sunday. I have the light hanger as well that is already mounted to the tank I'd do a package deal for 250 bucks.

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