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I have fish needing relocated asap


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Hey folks, it's been some time since I have been active in this group. A friend had a tank he needed removed from a home ASAP, so I rented a uhaul and picked it up. It was a running tank, so now I have fish I need to relocate. I threw together a temp tank real quick to put them in, but its very small.
They are:
1 yellow tang
1 bangaii cardinal
2 pajama cardinals.. Not in too good of condition, not sure they will make it.
1 lawn mower blenny
1 scooter blenny
2 false clowns
1 lunar wrasse
1 purple firefish.. If he is still alive.
They are all housed in the only tank I had available..a 16 gal.. So I need to rehome them quickly, and preferably all together. I have a couple buckets for transport.
These are free. All seem to be fine at the moment with the exception of the pj cardinals and firefish.
On the bright side, I now have a 125g tank to build..

Located in Longview, Wa
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