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Salty Pickle


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  1. 1. Which skimmer would you choose

    • NYOS 160
    • Aquamaxx ConeS
    • Vertex Omega 180i
    • Bubble Magus Curve 7

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I am firmly locked in analysis paralysis and I can not for the life of me figure out what to do. This is the part of the hobby that I loath. I need to buy a skimmer and have narrowed it down to 4. I considered the Reef Octopus but could not find a footprint small enough to my liking. Vote and/or leave some feedback on your experience, its all welcome and appreciated.

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I run a 180i and i've always been very happy with the decision.


When i asked the same question when i too was also on the fence about which skimmer would be best, i think the best advice i got was to choose a skimmer that not only fits your bioload and footprint but more importantly  might be considered "future proof" now, of course nothing in our hobby is "future proof" but the point would be to choose a skimmer that has the ability to be fully disassembled for thorough cleaning and also sports a pump that has replacement parts at the ready at a moment's notice that are not expected to be discontinued any time soon.



Not to mention if someone broke into my home and my .45 jammed (which it won't) the first thing i'm grabbing is that 180i  :laugh:   :black_eyed:

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