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Reef stuffs for sale


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Cleaned up the "fish stuffs box" and i found a few things i won't need for my new tank.  I'm in se pdx and can be reached at 5037348103. 


Used Reeflo Gold Hybrid Pump $200 (bought it used from Steve and he only used it less than 6month before he sold the tank. I never set it up as im using the vectra L1 for my return)



Used Pan World NH P100x-x $100



Never beenn used Jebao Dosing Pump DP4 $60



Never been used Hanna Calcium Checker with extra reagent (exp 9/17) $60



Never been used Hanna Alkalinity Check with two nib reagents (exp 8/16) $50



used once Red sea reef foundation test kit $40



Caribsea Arm reactor media extra coarse $20



1.5 oz BRS Reef Chili Coral Food $10



NIB Chemipure Elite $5



Kent Marine Float Valve $5



1/2 full 500ml Ecobak ULNS biopellet $15



75lbs of dry brs rocks small-large pieces $70



Used 10 plastic ring 4" filter socks $20


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Interested in the hybrid-

So this has a 2"" intake and 1.5" return and do you have the both impellers?

I'll send you a text later! Im out of town until tonight! I bought it from steve when he took the tank down and i never use it! I can bring it to your place and check out your tank next week maybe?


Text me later (I'll send you one too), I'm not going to be online

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Interested in the alk checker and the dry rock. Do you know ow what kind of rock it is and are you willing to lower price on alk checker?

Mostly brs pukani! Pm me and we'll talk about the alk checker! Im out of town til tonight!

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