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Streak Ending... might need help.


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I figured since I always post I never do water changes, and rep the no water change club, I needed to also post I'm about to do one. I don't wanna be that guy that says one thing then does another. It was a good little run for me, about 20 months with no water changes, no coral loss, and the only fish loss from a power outage... :( 

So after not doing a water change since November of 14, I have an unexplained rtn and thought now is as good a time as any to do a 40g water change a day for the next 3 days. Kind of a reset button if you will. Might even change the filters on the RODI unit too I need to do a ton of SPS trimming, some RBTA thinning out (1 turned to 4), making choices on what colonies to keep and which ones to ditch (some things do not get fragged), sailfin is has rocked qt so time to add a new homie, etc etc so good a time as any for a water change. 


I will remove all the equipment and clean it, remove the hoses and soak them, vacuum out the sump, etc etc. Might even change the light bulbs (cough cough Chris cough cough) 


So.... remind me, it's been awhile. You put the water in the bin, then the salt, then put it in the tank right? It's just been so long...  :congratulatory:  :congratulatory:  :congratulatory:  I remember a lot of towels for some reason... 


I have a new reefer on the way coming early October, so hopefully this little overhaul gets me through the newborn to tossing crap in the tank phase  :nutty:  :fingerscrossed:  :applause:  :applause:  :applause:


I do want to be transparent while I say no water changes since 11/14 I have done several large cutting sessions and had to replace water that was taken out with fragging, but if memory serves the last actual water change not involved with fragging was 11/14. 


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I have a Frehswater tank I haven't done a water change on for at least the last 2 years. It just doesn't need it. I top off what evaporates but thats it.  I don't think I could do that to my Reef but thats really crazy how long you where able to go.

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 I don't think I could do that to my Reef but thats really crazy how long you where able to go.


You can do it on your reef if I can. I am nothing special. It does take planning and a different type of work, but for me it was essential if I wanted to stay in the hobby. It is actually much easier in practice then I thought it would be. I am sure anyone who wanted to could do it. 

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There are quite a few members that do not do regular water changes....   sucks that your run has to come to an end!!  GJ keeping it going that long!!  


Thank you!


Maybe next time I can go longer! 


I got to two years on my last setup, maybe my next run will be a bit longer. Her'e hopin. 

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Dang man, a carbon dosing method success story right here. If my 210 didn't drink vodka I would be out of alot of salt since initial setup and stability would be a bit more difficult to achieve... For me at least.


And Kevin, if you cut back any time soon keep me on the list, maybe we could make a trade.


By the way, Congratulations on the new family addition, thats so exciting!

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