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ReeFi LEDs


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Hello all:


i wanted to briefly share my experience with a new product from a local entrepreneur, our own Danlu_gt.


I picked up two ReeFi LED lights for my frag system about 2 months ago to replace a pair of Ocean Revives. I really liked the Ocean Revives, but the ReeFi are much more controllable than the OR lights so I wanted to try them out. They were (and I still think they are) being offered promotionally for $250 each, which I thought was a screaming good deal for 150 watt lights with Cree LEDs and wireless control.










They come with a large glass lens that you can twist to adjust the breadth of coverage. I took the lens out, since I felt that I got better color blending without the lens. (I believe that taking the lens out reduces the PAR a bit, but they are powerful enough lights that this did not bother me.)


The lights connect to your home WiFi and you program via your computer or smart phone. There is an app for Android phones, but since I am an Iphone user, I control my lights via my laptop. They do not have a simple on-off switch. You plug them in to turn them on, and then have to connect them to your WiFi in order to get them running. They are similar in this way to the new AI Hydra HDs. (I just got the Hydra on my new Red Sea tank, so I am getting to know the AI light right now too.) So, if you have a router that might be a little buggy, or if you are seriously intimidated by the thought of having to log into your router in order to find the IP address assigned to your new light, you might want to stick with your Ocean Revives. However, Daniel is very helpful and he walked me through the process over the phone when I was setting the light up on my home WiFi. Now I'm a pro.


Below I have posted the web interface. I believe the Android interface has some graphs and allows programming via dragging sliders.




As you can see, there are lots of settings to adjust. The techie in me enjoys fiddling with all of the settings, but I imagine that some people will just leave the settings set to default and increase or decrease the high and low settings. You can also program the light to come on at full power as soon as you plug it in if you don't want to bother with the ramping.


Given that I was one of the first people (if not the first) to get one of these lights, it was not surprising that there were a few software bugs that needed to be worked out. Daniel was very attentive and fixed issues when they arose. My lights have been running great now for weeks without any issues.


The lights produce very good color and my corals are growing well and showing excellent coloration. I have had some nice color morphing since switching from the OR lights (probably all of the UV I am hitting them with).


Here are a few crappy pics of some of the corals under the ReeFis.






Overall, I think they are nice lights and a great deal. 150 Watts, 50 Cree LEDs on 5 channels: 1) Royal Blue 450nm, 2) Violet 430nm, 3) UltraViolet 395nm, 4) Cyan, Deep Red, 5) 4000K White, and with WiFi controlability.


I think that Daniel is going to have a table at the Oregon Reef Expo this coming Saturday, so check them out if you are there!

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