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To PAR or not to PAR. . .


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As I continue to buff my new tank and order things like crazy, as well as pick up some great help from here on the forum, I begin to check my list of all things needed to ensure my first coral tank will be successful. I'm still deciding on what lighting to go with, but as I do, a question comes to mind. Should I get something to measure my PAR? Is that something I should be doing, or is it more, start your lights on low, and slowly come up each week until your coral seem happy?


The plan is to have ups, ops, and softies galore!! Any and all input is appreciated!! Thanks.



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I have one. It is most useful when moving corals to different parts of your tank, and moving corals in from other tanks. I use it about once or twice per month.


It is really handy when I need to know when it is time to replace my T5 bulbs.

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What miles said, borrowing a par meter is best. Like anything, you're only guessing if your not measuring.


If your running LEDs, most light seem to be designed for ~50% power at 12 inches for a mixed reef.


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