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Next Fish?


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Hey Guys and Gals,


I think it's time for another fish!  Any suggestions on a reef safe center piece fish that would work in our setup? 

We currently have a blue damsel (6 months) and a pair of phantom clowns (2 months) in a 55 gallon tank.  I was thinking about a coral beauty, but not so sure with him/her being reef safe.  Other than the "center piece"  we plan on getting a goby of some sorts.





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My experience with a coral beauty ended up with him being traded, because he was picking on my sps.

That's my major concern with them. Gorgeous fish but a gamble. [emoji1]



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Any of the small angels will be risky in a reef tank. I'v found with my flame angel that he nips but doesn't kill or really hurt anything as long as I keep him well fed. Flame angels have always been one of my favorite fish though so I took the chance being that my tank is all softies and anemone's, I wouldn't put him in a high end SPS reef. 


Do you have shrimp in the tank? If only cleaner shrimp, one of the hawkfish family might be a good option. You could also look at many of the reef safe wrasse fish. 

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I like angels but they dont seem to have much personality. One of my favorite has been a desjardini sailfin. They are pretty and sprint across the tank sometimes and pulse their fins. They are like derek zoolander... Really really ridiculously good looking, silly, kinda dumb, and loveable


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