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SPS, LPS, and Softies, Oh my!!


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I am in the works of building a 120, (thank you Chris!!). I'm all about planning and getting an idea together before actually begin setup, so I have some questions for the experts. Stop looking around, that's you guys!! LoL


So, my first question is:


Is it possible to have sps, lps, and softies together in a 120? From what I have been reading, the softies release "chemicals" that could "upset" or even kill other corals, that's not what I'm going for. I love the idea of having a mix reef, but not if they are going to be stressed out all the time. If all three should not be mixed, am I able to keep sps and lps together in a 120 or should I wait until I get a bigger tank and just stick to one type?


More questions to follow once I have an idea of corals are going into the tank. Thank you all in advance for the help.

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Really good skimmer and some activated carbon in moderation. that is the only way to attempt to remove the toxins from the water.


Ok, but it is do-able without causing too much stress to the corals? As far as skimmer, I will be using a 40 B for a sump, total will be about 145-150 gall, should I be looking at a 200 gal skimmer?

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Oh yeah, it is doable. Just be ready to do some preemptive placement and gardening down the road. I wish I had a picture of MVP Aquatics Display tank, it was 6 foot and full of LPS,SPS, and some fat and healthy softies mixed in. It was wonderful. Right off the bat I would recommend thinking about competition for space, get slow growing softies that can handle the conditions that the acros need and vise versa.

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I think people overreact about the toxin part of softies in a mixed reef. I have a mixed reef and haven't had any toxin issues to speak of. There are certain things I wouldn't do with softies like frag my huge toadstool while in the tank, but if left alone there are no issues.


It all depends on what you want your tank to look like. Everything grows at different rates and spreads differently, for me this was a much larger problem then having a mix of corals. Just something to plan around. If you want zoas all over, best not place caps above them or let your toadstool get the size of a basketball and shade everything out ????. My tank is pretty overgrown at this point and will likely be going through a refresh soon.


I run an overrated skimmer and carbon occasionally as well as a fuge for nutrient control. I don't swap the carbon enough to say that it's really a toxin preventative.


I don't know what softies you want but avoid Kenya trees/colt corals and pulsing Xenia unless you want to be constantly trimming them back or pulling out ones that pop up all over.



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