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FS: Instant Reef Aquarium


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I bought a Reefer 170 and am selling my 120 gallon (4x2x2) glass aquarium. I would like to sell it as a whole, so I am only asking $800. The glass tank is in excellent condition with no scratches. 


If I have no interest I will eventually part it out. If I do I will start a new post and list everything with a price.


Tank comes with:



Tek 8 bulb T5 (new ballasts and connectors)

Reef Brite Led strip (50/50)


Jabeo RW 15

Maxspect Gyre 150 (6 months old)


Sump, filter socks and return pumps.


(I am keeping calcium reactor and protein skimmer)





Sailfin Tang

Red Head Solaris Wrasse

Yellow Coris Wrasse

Mandarin Goby

Tail Spot Blenny

Six Line Wrasse

File Fish

Tomato clown


Large RBTA (paired with clown)


Several different types of corals.


Lots of live rock.


Clean up crew and I am sure I am missing a few critters on the list. 











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I am moving July 1st..... $600 if someone can get it by then.

Say it aint so...

This is an insane deal here folks. If someone doesnt buy this i might just to keep what i want and part the rest out.. Someone needs to buy this setup, you couldnt buy the rock and coral for 600 bucks at a store


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