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  1. Sorry for late response....I was evacuated from my home during the fires and just now getting settled back in my home. I still have the items for sale. Send me a message if your still interested.
  2. Selling all of my equipment---- BRS 5 stage Rodi system--$50 Aquamaxx Star series calcium reactor-------SOLD Super Reef Octopus 2000 skimmer (Newer pump and have spare pump) --- $100 Reef Octopus Classic int110 skimmer----SOLD CO2 bottle---- SOLD Milwaukee reefkeeper controller --- $80 Ecoplus Chiller 1/4 Hp ---SOLD metal halide light, hydrometer, nets, scrapers, mixing container, phosban reactors and lots of extras I am in Oregon City
  3. $550.00................comes with lots of extras from glass cleaners, net, carbon, test kits....etc.....
  4. yes still available....I am in Oregon City
  5. Its still available....I am in Oregon City
  6. Complete system for sale. Selling for my parents who are moving. WILL not part out. Hydra 26 light Bubble Magus Protein Skimmer Two powerheads Phosban reactor 4 stage bulk reef supply RO water filtration system All fish, corals, clean up crew and shrimp (Blood shrimp/cleaner) included. You haul away ..........$650
  7. Yes, are you still interested?
  8. Red Sea Reefer 170 (Tank is empty), Comes with stand and sump. I have a screened top, Jebao RW 8 powerhead and a light hanger with it as well. Bought brand new 2 years ago. $600
  9. Calcium reactor for nano tanks. Used for just under 2 years. Works great. $80
  10. Had mine for two years with no problems. They are built for the NW weather and come with off road tires. I take mine hunting as well and take it down some rough roads. Highly recommend.
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