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Bubble Magus Curve 5 X 2 and Sicce pump


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So I was recently able to upgrade my return pump to a DC and my skimmer to the skimmer I have always wanted. These will soon need to go, the pump will be ready by Friday and the skimmers when my new skimmer gets here next week. I will post pictures soon but wanted to get this started to see if any interest. I have included links with info for both items. 


I have 2 BM Curve 5 skimmers, 1 I currently use and the other for spare. The spare has a pump that the previous owner described as finicky, I never tried it so I don't know, it may just be dirty. These are great skimmers, great performers and quiet, I would keep them if I didn't buy what I hope will be my last skimmer. I want to sell both for $150



The pump is a Sicce Syncra 4.0. This is a solid pump and very quiet, I just prefer DC pumps. $100



I have priced these pretty fair I think but I'm open to offers. No trades at this time, thanks. 

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Here is a pic of when I first set the skimmer up 



This was from this morning, this is 4 days of skim 




I will post better pics when the other skimmer gets here and I get the DC pump installed. I will pull the Sicce and give it a bath. 

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