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Boys and Girls Club of SW Washington - Clinton & Gloria John Clubhouse

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We would like to welcome the Boys and Girls Club of SW Washington - Clinton & Gloria John Clubhouse to our Tanks For Teachers Program. http://www.mybgc.org/about-us/

Our PNWMAS May 14th event will be a presentation by Richard Ross - "The Secrets of Reef Keeping" will take place at this location!  http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/37304-may-meeting-richard-ross-the-secrets-of-reef-keeping/

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 I intend to visit the Clubhouse this week, possibly Monday or Tuesday, to donate some frags, including a few species of Gorgonians.  If you have any frags/livestock that you would like to donate to the Clubhouse, please contact  our Boys and Girls Club contact person, Jim " Gumby  ".


Tanks for Teachers has provided the Boys and Girls Club with a 40 Gallon tank, and accessories... including an upgraded LED fixture. 

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Very exciting for the kids, and a great opportunity for them to learn about marine life! I tagged along yesterday to take pictures and lend a hand with their first few fish additions. Most kids had already been picked up, but a couple handfuls were still around to get the first glimpse. There was a club-wide vote for the kids to choose which fish to get (within the limits of choices presented to them; on their own, they requested salmon  :laugh:), so they've been involved from the start. Fish additions will be spaced out for the health of the tank and continued interest of the kids, so just a few this go 'round. Naturally, they were squealing with delight over the clownfish!


The tank also has some easy corals from Jim and will soon have a few more from others, myself included. Previously, an asterina was the star of the tank (pun intended), which they were delighted to show me and ask if I knew how it got there. We had a short discussion about live rock hitchhikers, which I'm sure they'll learn about more in time. Fascinating topic!


HUGE THANKS to PNWMAS & Tanks for Teachers for getting this going (including any/all who've donated to TFT), to Jim (gumby) for all the work he's put in, to club sponsors Ocean In a Box and Cuttlefish & Corals, who both helped out with fish and equipment, and to club members who've donated books, supplies, livestock, and time. Karen (kknight) hooked the kids up with a fancy ATO, and I'm sure many others contributed to this project, as well. The teachers at the club expressed how grateful they are for this gift, so I'm passing the thanks on.  :happy:





No more "fish coming soon" signs!  Live fish going in! Snails, too!




Nemo! One girl kept happily exclaiming, "Look at him in there, just living his life!"  Yes, indeed.  :D






The canary blenny is an open-water swimmer and likely to provide just as much enjoyment as the clownfish. Curious guy, too - he'll come right up to the glass to meet you and watch you for a few moments, before going back to cruising around above the rocks. 




Not the best picture, but this little one had quite an adventurous first day at the club!  He got spooked by movement in the tank at one point and started jumping all over, only to land himself in the overflow box. When Jim tried to rescue him, he opted instead for a ride down to the sump and had to be pulled out of the filter sock.  :nutty:




Time for a screen!  Steve helped out with that while the clown goby took shelter in the rocks. 




So much life in the tank already! I suspect some kids will be able to identify all of it in time.






Jim added some fancy trim to the hood, and the kids decorated the stand with fish stickers. Off to a nice start! :)
I snapped this picture before the water flow was adjusted properly, so lots of water in the skimmer cup, but you get the idea. A couple of kids were really interested in this strange piece of equipment with its foaming action and found the comparison to ocean wave foam really cool. 
Donations from several of us have resulted in quite the resource center! I have no doubt at least a few kids will make it their mission to learn all they can about aquarium keeping. 
A lesson on their wall for us all!   :applause:
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Very nice work on the trim, Jim! Everything looks great! That is an excellent selection of books. Martin A. Moe, Jr., and Bob Fenner, Mike Paletta, John Tullock, and Scott Michael are all great authors! I'm looking forward to seeing this tank soon!

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