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Black algae


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I've had this before... super annoying!


What I did to get rid of it was create the greatest amount of flow possible, reduce the white spectrum of lighting a bit, dose GFO, add in sand sifting critters, keep feeding down enough to not create much excess nutrients . It'll die off in time.

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How often do you change out your gfo and carbon? I recently went through a hair/bryopsis algae battle. It was rough on my lps but if you want to beat it you have to "attack" it fairly aggressive. Check your ro/di, change out your gac and gfo more often than normal, dim your white lights a bit, and manually remove as much as possible.

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Be careful when treating for elevated PO4 (assuming that's the case) dropping it fast can wipe your tank.


Check PO4 see what the level is and be careful witht the GFO-to much to fast drops the PO4 to quick and depending on how big a drop-well I've known people who have killed their whole tank.



You say;


running GFO carbon and a phosphate reducer as well

You mean your running GFO as your phosphate reducer?


Plus one for Chemi-clean and reducing feeding- flow can help but based on how it's everywhere does not seem like its flow related-at least that is experiance, I get Cyno from over feeding and it collects in certain areas where flow is less, high flow areas it tends not to collect


Chemi clean is my friend :)

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