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Need these items gone


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Hello all I just finished breaking everything down this weekend and now it just time to let everything go by a nice part out sale and if you have any question pls hit me up thx and here we go.


Tank , Stand & Canopy - $600

There are some minor scathes in this Tank and it is 36X36X30 and as u can see in the pic the stand and canopy are cherry and in good shape 





inside of the stand 



Sump-$75(30x30x24) step up for an auto top off as well 




Pump-$50 Sequence pump 


Skimmer-$100 close to 3ft tall works like a beast 




Mp-40 Two of them and they are $175 a piece or both for $300


Calcium reactor With co2 tank and everything u need to make it work $175




















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Ai Sols $125 each or all 3 for $300 



2- 1inch sea swirls $100 each or both for $150 


Tons of live rock $3.00 a lb 


and here is a pic when it was up and running smooth 



Thanks for looking and pls let me know if you have any questions 




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hey do still have the pump

The pump is pending (spilo)

How big of tank is this?

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This tank is a 200 gallon or so

I would take the vortech but to big for my tank.. 38 nuvo!?

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Well just maybe a little much
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Jose!  Tell me it ain't so.  Are you leaving the hobby?  The short time I knew you, enjoyed talking reef.  Hope this is temporary.

Not getting out just downsizing got a new job and its was hard tring to keep it going, but on the bright side a whole new cube build coming in the next couple weeks from me

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