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Water Change station.


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I am thinking of building a water change station in the garage. Apparently the wife does not thinks we need 3 bathrooms and wants my stuff out of the current water making area, which she insists is called a bathroom. (Silly girls)


I was thinking of going pretty basic. 2 55g barrels on a stand. I had thought of elevating them a few feet off the ground. Just making a stand out of 2x4's or something. One on top of the other.


Putting two 1" bulkheads in the bottom of the Fresh water, with one leading to the salt mixing bin, and one leading to a hose to fill up the ato's.


Salt bin one just have one bulkhead which would lead down to a pump, so I could pump water into the house.


I was going to put a float valve on the Fresh water bin and just keep it full.


Does this all sound legit? Anything I should be considering or not considering? Thanks

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I have a 3/4" hose the goes from inside tank room out near a waste line and the 55g water/salt with a pump inside circulating. I take the pump out of the 55 into the tank room slip the hose on and pump approx 55g out of the sump, Then take the pump back out to the barrel slip on same hose and pump 55g back into the sump. Takes about 30 min, I don't always do 55g sometimes less, I could use a second pump but it only takes a minute plus I can clean and check the pump from the mixing barrel.

Having a line in place to use for both pumping water out and then back in makes it very quick and easy water change 

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It depends on inventory. They ship up in freight from California mostly. However, there is a norwesco fab in Washougal that on occasion makes this size and you don't have to pay the 200 freight. You do need to purchase through the Midwest location we because washougal, if they can get it, does not do sales just pickup.

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Tenderfoot can you explain how the two barrels work, kinda start to finish, what do the valves do, I how does salt water mix in the barrel what does the pump do?


Thanks in advance



Sorry to jump in here, but I labeled each of the valves to help describe how this works:




The regular valve options are as such:


OPEN            CLOSED           PUMP           RESULT

B,C                A,E,F,D             ON                Pumping fresh water to salt reservoir

C,E                A,B,F,D             ON                Mixing salt water (pulls water from the bottom and spits it into the top)

A                    B                      N/A                Fresh water flowing out of valve A (to a bucket or whatever)

F                    E                      OFF              Salt water flowing out of valve F (again to a bucket or whatever)



Those are the primary four states you'd want to have the valves in, though there are a bunch of other things you could do with them that I wouldn't recommend. As an example, if you had both B and E open, the levels in the two tanks would equalize, and you would likely get salt into your fresh reservoir. Obviously, if I didn't list a valve as open or closed, it's inconsequential for the result listed.


Valve D seems to be connected to a flex tube nipple, which I would assume is used to rapidly pump water out directly to the tank or something (probably for water changes and the like). The RO/DI water flows into the fresh water container directly through the blue pipe at the top.

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Well done slumber. I was goin g b to reply to it tonight.


You have the idea. The D Is for pumping water into the house yes. Using a panworld.


This system has just been such a huge help to me. My 180 is almost ready to get wet and having water on demand in the ways i want it, I can say it was worth the investment.

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