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  1. All Pms have been responded to in order. First come first serve.
  2. Howdy reef friends, it's been a long time. I have two vertical 75 gallon water storage tanks for sale. 75 each or take them both for 125. Pickup in Vancouver off 192
  3. Everything fits nice and tidy under the tank. There is room for an ATO under tha tank as well. I mounted the apex unit and modules on a board and then attached it to the back wall of the stand.
  4. I moved last year and the new house has afforded me much more room and a new bigger build is in the works. Not parting any pieces of this sale. Tank 6x2x2 built by james at envision custom with external overflow box. 3/4 inch all around Custom sump with large fuge chamber Powder coated steel stand ready for any skin you can apply RLSS DC 8 skimmer 3 Radion gen3 pro lights Maxpect gyre 250 x2 Full apex unit with modules Trash can full of dry rock 150 lbs Ehiem 1262 return pump. This tank was meticulously maintained and it will reveal n
  5. Howdy fellas, I'm moving and forgive the messy pictures. Selling a 3 chambered sump with a huge fuse, or can be used to house an oversize skimmer for larger tanks. It's coming off a 220 and is 3 years old. 48' wide 22' deep 16' tall $275 Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. Wow thanks a ton for offering. I just started taking the rock over to the new location and should be able to fit it all and the fish comfortable. I am lucky and I have a friend who is housing the rubbermaid till I get my tank up. Even though I have a ton of great liverock, it just doesnt feel right using that rock in a way that it was not designed for. I carefully sculpted the scape with the dry rock years ago and it was essentially just two pieces once I cemented and epoxied it all together. I cant see a way to do that now with live rock in a way that I will be satisfied with. I really am tor
  7. Howdy Frands, Its been a while since I have posted anything and thursday we are moving from Hillsboro to Vancouver and I need the tank empty so the movers can haul it. I have a 100 gallon rubbermaid setup with an mp40 a heater and water. I have 3 tangs, 3 wrasse, 6 chromis, a cinnamon clown and a firefish and lawnmower. I have some thoughts I am hoping to bounce off the group. Live rock : I dont have a real plan for the live rock at this moment and the options are to put it in the rubbermaid with the fish or let it dry out. I really would love to keep it wet and I can reasonably put
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