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2x MP40's and SWC 180 Cone skimmer FS


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I have two working Ecotech mp40s for sale. $325 for BOTH. I don't want to sell individually unless there are buyers lined up for both. 

One is a mp40w gen 2 (white controller), serial 40wg209061363 - I assume the mfg date is in that serial number, just not sure if they do year, month, or day first. 

The other is a mp40wES - mfg date May 27 2010. 

I have owned both for a couple years now, and have ran them for about half of that time. Both work fine, I am happy to throw them on my tank and let ya see them work if you want. 


Next up is a SWC Xtreme 180 cone skimmer. $165

Great skimmer, worked well for me for a few years. It has the Atman pump, which requires blowing in it upon startup to get it going, because of the needlewheel impeller (which is included). Manufacturer states its good for 150-250 gallons. I ran it on a roughly 160 gal setup (total volume) and it worked like a charm, also had it on a much smaller system (roughly 80 gal) and it worked great too. 


Figured I would try these locally before listing them up and hassling with shipping. 

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For some reason, this model skimmer "SWC Xtreme 180 cone skimmer" doesn't show up on any official sites other than forums. Is it an older discontinued model? 

 Yep, looks like SWC does not sell it any more and they only have the smaller 120 and larger 230. Oddly enough I cant find the 160 cone either, which was a very popular skimmer for quite some time. I found a couple sites that still sell them new in stock, but not direct from SWC. The 180 was just a larger version of that (bigger collection cup and slightly larger cone if I recall correctly). There are a few people around here running SWC skimmers still. I really enjoyed it, I was just due for a new reef toy and talked myself into the Vertex. After running the Vertex for a little while now, I think the DC pump is the only major upgrade. I had that SWC dialed in pretty well, and I am still fiddling with the Vertex. 

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