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DIY Larval Snagger


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I decided to make my own and just finished gluing 3 of them together. I still need to glue in the air line and am waiting on mesh fabric from Florida Aqua Farms to cover the outlet. I am going to make a lure that runs off of 120 current so I can control the snagger with my APEX.





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Sometimes a plan works out.  I have a pair of Neon Gobies and I wanted to raise the fry.  They were nested in a piece of live rock and I could never get them both out at once. So I put the rock and both fish in a 20 gal high and began to look for a way to catch the fry if I could not get the eggs.  I came across the design you see above.  I have installed it on the goby tank with a DIY LED lure that is taped to the front of the tank.  The air runs continuously but the lure comes on 30 minutes after dark and stays on for 3 hours.  I cleaned and installed the catcher every day for the last two weeks, trying to see when the larva would hatch.  This morning I had about 20 larva in the snagger.  I will leave it there tonight in case of any late arrivals.  But what I know now is the egg cycle.  I will do this again the next time they show breeding behavior and I will be able to forecast the larva hatch.  I am still in preparation with my food system and I have yet to start the rotifers, but now I can plan a date to try raising the larva. 







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If you could raise up some neon gobies that would be killer, have you raised other marine fishes from larval stage. I have only dabbled in clownfish, wich is not that hard just time consuming , but have had several other fishes spawn for me in my aquariums but was never really equipped for the results. I really hope this all works out for you and I hope you post more details\results.

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I have 4 breeder tanks one of which is empty.  I have the Neon Goby pair, a pair of saddlebacks and a pair of black ocellaris.  I have yet to decide what I am going to try in the fourth tank but believe I will try mandarins.  I also have a pair of Yellow Neon Gobies in a 135.


I am still waiting for the clowns to lay eggs, but the saddlebacks are very close and have turned very dark.  The female is huge at about 3.5 inches.


So in the meantime, I need to get the rots going, my BRT hooked to a 55 for a sump with a separate heater and skimmer.  I designed the BRT based on a research paper I bought.  I hope it works as well as the snagger.

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Just a matter of time before that female lays her clutch down, and madarins would be another great fish for a breed out, I could always use a mandarin that eats pellets, Who couldn't.We need to meet up one day , I have wanted to see your systems for a while now. You know you are always welcome to my little house if you get out this way so keep that in mind when you are on a road trip through the valley. There is always much to talk about in the hobby of ours. I look forward to your progress.

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