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Who do i speak to?


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Daarryl, Happy Birthday! A few people have sent us screenshots etc of what there previous post count has been. If you want to do the same I would be happy to restore it for you. I never did mine as my post count doesn't matter much to me, but if it is important to you I'd be happy to help.


Kriz2fer- same to you. Except for the Birthday part, unless I got lucky with that one. ;)


Kim- Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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Not sure where the stupid edit button is.

Do you use tapatalk? On there, you select the post, then click the menu button. You will find the edit feature there. On browser, the edit feature should be on the bottom right of your post. Although it might just work for me since I'm a mod. Maybe the new software does not allow for user edits? I know reef2reef doesn't allow you to edit posts either, kinda frustrating, but it's whatever. Let me know if those solutions don't work.
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We don't have one right now. The site is still a work in progress and that page has not been finished. We will make a post about how to renew your membership in the next day or two. We won't be canceling anyone's memberships the first days of the new year for certain.



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I believe Kevin will ok the release of the new subscription manager in the next day or two. I finally got it to work. It's pretty slick. It keeps track of all subscriptions, automatically changes the user groups to paid members and sends out reminders when renewals are due.



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