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substrate staining


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What could be causing areas of my sand bed to stain a greenish yellow color? I run carbon and rowaphos. I change the media every two weeks. Both media are in its own reactor. I also replace my socks with clean ones every seven days. I noticed it was also growing on the stems of my zoas causing me to lose a few. I have been able to save most of my zoas by dipping in lugols but would like to correct the problem. Has anyone else running gfo ran into something similar?


Dkh 8.4

Calcium 440

Magnesium 1600

Phosphate .04


Could it be gfo dust? I realize my mag is a bit high but I doubt that's what's causing it. Maybe I'm not replacing the gfo often enough and it starts leaching phosphates back into the display? My ro/di top off did reach .01 for a couple weeks before I was able to replace cartridges. Ideas, thoughts, concerns welcome. Thanks


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