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Thinking of getting the IM Nuvo Fusion 30L. Any comments?


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Hey guys,


So I'm thinking about finally starting a reef tank and came across the IM Nuvo Fusion series of tanks. I'm thinking that the 20L tank will be a little small for me so thought about the 30L instead. Anyone here have the 30L tank and willing to give me some insight? I'm not going to go too crazy on livestock meaning I don't plan on getting larger angels, triggers, or fish that require larger tanks. I was just wondering if anyone here has had any problems with their tank since I have been reading some posts on other forums about there being bowing problems on the 30L. I'm very new to this so I apologize if my terminology isn't quite up to speed.


Thank you in advance!

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I got an 8 gallon IM through Cuttle Fish and Coral and I loved it. Great quality, easy to maintain and buying it from the shop I was able to get some really awesome support when I needed anything for it. They also carry the 30l tanks and currently have one running as a display tank at the shop. They look really nice!!


The fish you mentioned you aren't going to be keeping in that tank are all fish that probably shouldn't be in the same sentence as a 20g tank, so that's a good thing those are crossed off the list. With that being said, there's some really awesome livestock you can get for those smaller tanks and if you end up buying through a LFS, you might get a nice package deal with some livestock to get you going. I did that with my 8g and I'd strongly recommend it.

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