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my 85 gallon build


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Yes, is a flower... Just was testing.


OK, so a little about the tank, it is a cube (hopefully I can join the cube club :)...) 30x30x22 it had a grand canyon of a grouve in it from someone using a finger to polish out a scratch, so after 6 hours of buffing wheel it is finally looking good. It came with a 2x4 stand with removable sides. I have reinforced it and plywooded it, then trimmed it with cedar 1x4's. Working on the hood now, and it will be trimmed with cedar as well. For lighting I'm using a huge 22x22 inch reflector and a 250 watt radiom, skimmer is a bubble max 2500, return pump is a ehime . pics to come.......

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Trying to post pics with photo bucket but it says invalid url. what am i doing wrong?


You need to select the "A" button. That will take you to a ribbon of options. Find the little icon of the mountains. From the # sign, it is 3 to the left. Click that and input the URL from Photobucket. On Photobucket, you need to select the "Direct" URL. When you do that, you can post pictures that are bigger and we will be able to see stuff better. Like this little freshwater shrimp:


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