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Bunch of stuff for sale!


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Going to list most all of what I have left and will add more as I find it. Prices are fair but open to offers but no trades unless you have a long shallow rimless tank. Pickup will be in Orchards in Vancouver or at my work on Airport Way in Portland.


Aqualifter and all the black tubing I have. Only used a month or 2 $10 Sold



SCA-301 skimmer. $25 each Sold



BRS Dual reactor with extra canister and insert $30 Pending



5 Gallon water jugs, 3 available $5 each or all 3 for $10



Large Brute can with spicket and stand, has a funky smell from sitting a long time but a good cleaning will fix that FREE



4 stage RO/DI with 100gpd membrane and extra set of filters, resin, and dual TDS meter $60 Sold



Nano-Glo led fuge light, only used for 3 days and comes in box $35 Sold



Mag 7 and Tunze 6015 that has had the shroud cut to double flow. Mag probably needs a new impeller, kinda noisy. Also has a shortened cord with toggle switch $5 for the mag $10 for the Tunze Sold



3 heater, 1 100w and 2 150w $10 each Sold



Red Sea foundation test kit used a handful of times expires mid 2015 $25 Sold



Milwaukee digital salinity meter, hands down the best way to check salinity, very accurate $75 Sold



Sicce Syncra 1.5 used for a few months $45 Sold



That's all for now but I will update if I find any other items. Thanks for looking.

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