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October 28th 2-5pm Meeting and Halloween Frag Swap

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I would like to invite the club to my place on October 28th for a club meeting and Halloween Frag Swap. Still working on details about the swap but, start your fragging. More to come.

The meeting will be at my place in the Pearl District in Downtown Portland.


1400 NW Marshall St

Suite 107

Portland, OR 97209


It is street level in between 14th and 15th on Lovejoy.


My place is small but hopefully people will enjoy it. Ive been working on a few tanks and hope to have lots to display. I have three different LED lights to show off, 2 Ecotech Radion's, 3 AI Vega's, and one Maxspect Razor. I dont have any fish at the moment but hopefully will change that when I stop by TPA on Sunday coming home from the duck game. The tanks are a work in progress but pretty sweet.

Look forward to seeing all ya there.

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Sounds great :) Time to request a day off LOL


Argh, wish i could take a day off that i actually want:mad: couldn't even bid for vacation this year:( Its all good though, cashed in 80hrs of vacation(rock2)DANG, Christmas money:(


Shoot i can't win:)

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