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A Presidential Plea for a Drama Free Forum


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I think most of us would agree there has been more drama on the forums here lately. My best guess is that we have a lot of new members who have not met face to face and don't really know each other as well.


Please know I understand. We are all passionate about this hobby. Many of us are highly opinionated. We all come from very different backgrounds and as many can attest I did my fair share of pot stirring when I first joined here (shy). There are some things that everyone can do to help:


1. Please refrain from the use of profanity. This is a family friendly forum and there are believe it or not children that do access this site. There are also teachers that view this site.

2. Please refrain from discussing illegal activities such as drug related activities.

3. Please think before you post. You can not always get tone from a post and it's more difficult to give someone the benefit of the doubt when you haven't met them.

4. We can not monitor every single thread so if you have concerns you can always report the post.

5. There is really no need to insult someone and make them feel badly about a decision. We were all newbies at some point and we have all made mistakes. That's part of why this forum is here. This is a challenging hobby.


I do feel like we have a great group of people here and have been impressed with how much people are always willing to help out each other. I also think it is great that we have so many new members that are so excited about this hobby.


I really prefer that people can work things out and be adults and that the officers, board, and moderators have no need to intervene



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Very well put, I think people's passion for something (fish, dogs, family etc) can cause them to over react. We should all just sit back and think twice before we post, especially of your going to attack someone else, just think "would I say this if he it she were standing in front of me, or is this really worth the drama?

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I am going to say the same thing I said in another thread. I think some of the newer people on here should read a little more and type a little less.


If you must voice your opinion on any and all subjects on this forum, forming sentences and spelling things correctly will go along way towards people taking you seriously and not misunderstanding the point you are trying to get across.


Just my 2 cents.

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Lets stay on topic i thank you emerald525 for addressing the issue once again and i truly want a drama free or drama little forum this is a great forum and a great group of regulars and the new people which i would consider myself included are a good group but we all need to understand that no one is going to have the same system as we have and no one is going to do things the same way and all will and have made mistakes we learn from them and others and move on thanks again i greatly appreciate the efforts going into continuing this great forum for im a proud member and want to keep it that way

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Thank you Kim,


This is one PNWMAS member that after getting off of work dealing with societies worst citizens, the very last thing i want to see is people acting like rude inmates. Major turn off and I believe most people on this forum are like me, who is only here to learn and enjoy other members saltwater tanks.



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