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LPS Unhappy

Toby Flenderson

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Im trying to figure out why my acans never do well in my display tank. Every time I've tried they slowly recede and fade and shrivel up over time. In my frag tank (which is plumbed into the same system) they flourish, all plumped up and bright. Anyone have any ideas, just moved a really nice acan lord and purple green up and onto the sand bed under shade of a rock the other day and they don't look happy.

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Most angels are considered reef safe with caution. They have a thing for LPS that I have seen though. I would get them out of there if at all possible.


I agree my guess it is one of your fish. I had the same problem with a flame angel. I even had hippo tangs develop a taste for acans.


Angels seem to like certain lps for sure. Mine use to go after my trumpets and pick here and there at random other things. Also had a copperband that started doing some picking. Hard to say, but I try to avoid fish that are "reef safe with caution" so I don't wind up in that boat. Biggest pain is getting a single fish out of pretty much any tank over about 20 gallons lol!


Acans are hard to say also. I've got them all over the place (high and low light/flow) in both tanks and they seem to be just fine (scratch)

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I had some peppermints do the same thing now I make sure they get feed . I spied on em with a red light . I guess they don't see that spectrum so if you want to find out for sure if its them add one even its a crappy party bulb for a few nights .. I know that after I target feed my lps even if its hours after I can see them trying to get at the meat . Little scavengers .

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