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need help moving/120 weight advice


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Ok, it's time I asked for help and I am not very good at it. I moved 9 blocks from my place in SE, took all the easy stuff already. Now I need to start working on the reef tanks and have a bookshelf to move, and a couple large plants in pots from outside. My back is bad and I lack a truck, though I can borrow one, but really I need two people who are strong for the lifting, and I can pay livestock or cash for the trouble and gas. What I am thinking is 3 separate trips so I don't burn out my friends, all next week and/or weekend. Possibly different crew each trip if you get sick of dealing with it, I know I will.


First tank is the frag system, which is a frag tank on stand with sump and another 25x25" stand with 2 20's on it all plumbed together. I would get the tank ready and drained, call you and then you would help load (it's not that heavy) and move it, maybe grab a shelf or something at the same time. The corals and fish would be in buckets. Would want to move fast as hope to keep most of the water.


2nd tank is the 55. Standard all glass one. It's got sps growing up the overflow so will try and get that one done fast, same way. Fish and coral in buckets, drained, call you, huck it 9 blocks.


3rd is the bad one, the 120. I am thinking it is too heavy and large for the new place, it's going in the living room of a very old house. Not sure that's a legitimate thing to worry about? Should I? It's also badly scratched... So I found a member with a 75 glass in Albany for sale, am thinking I should buy that and move it here. I would pay gas money. Anyone craving a drive to albany? (: If I can get that in the house then I can move the 120 critters mostly by myself, as the new tank cycles and time allows.


I moved out on my husband but he's not being a jerk or anything, but he isn't very strong for lifting either... I just need to get this done so I am not going there every day. That and I miss my fishes. Find myself doing boring things all day like clean the new house because I don't have a tank to scrub, it's just too quiet as well. Time to get this all over with and move on. On the plus side I cleaned the new house (:

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thanks guys... got my sister's wedding this weekend so it's out anyways. Showing up with a sore back and worried about ammonia spikes is not going to be cool. Thinking later next week or on the weekend. I still need to line up a replacement for the 120 though. Buying a used tank is remarkably difficult when you are in a hurry.

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