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pictures of your tank


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Tanks past and present


Beth and I were quite addicted and we had as many as 5 tanks at one time.


This was one of our 150 gallon reefs. We broke this down and sold it to Mohaynow




This is the SPS tank but we decided we didn't want to do so many sps as they are higher maintenance.




So we converted it into a clown anemone tank:




This is our current frag tank:




This is a picture of the FOWLR we had up but we took that down to put up the SPS tank. We traded it to Tim at Westside and Topher has it now






This is a 15 gallon biocube we got from Grassi and was our first frag tank before we got something bigger. It was retrofitted with T-5s and we sold this



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Great thread! It's nice to see all the full tank shots!


I saw something similar on R2R and was surprised we didn't have one, I think its a good reference for people lookin to start a new tank so the can see how others do theirs. There are some really great tanks so far!

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