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  1. it's very similar looking. This has fat, non-tapering tips unlike suharsonoi
  2. It's a yellow-green color and kinda purplish on the underside. The polyps are yellow
  3. Thanks - It's a very nice piece and captive grown from a tiny frag.
  4. I'll be there Kim. I met Kevin at RAP in 2011 and I have questions on some of their line. Also want to try a few things too
  5. One of my 1st frags when coming back into the hobby was this one. I bought this from Tim in 2010 as a single 3/4" frag. It's grown and now I have something else I want to put in it's place. $85 for the colony. Sorry for the blurry photo but my camera won't focus any better than what's pictured - weird angle I guess.
  6. I stopped by Upscales today and He's got some nice sps corals there for sure. That new 170g is stellar with those LEDs on it - perfect color now. Nice score James!
  7. I had a few people ask me about this today, and then this: http://reefbuilders.com/2012/11/05/sunlight-supply-aquatics-closing/#more-64769
  8. +1 on too much light. Could also bleach due to high ALK or combination light/high alk.
  9. I have the same tank and love it. I drilled mine for a sump. Good deal here
  10. That's the reflection off your oregon torts.... Still looks turd brown IMO:) Perhaps you could send this image to sexy corals and have them "sexy" it up a little, I mean saturate your pic
  11. Thanks Kim. Talking to you at the meeting, you talked me into taking some new pics It has it's own unique challenges in a small tank for sure- thanks! You are welcome to come and see it. BTW, how's the fushia-lime acro doing?
  12. Thanks! Acropora cophodactyla. It was a maricultured plug that I glued to the back wall and it's really grown/colored up well. Thanks Jeff. I am getting some fast growth once again. It's really too bad that these LED's cannot grow corals
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