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Marine Velvet LR

Toby Flenderson

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A couple of months ago there was a guy who was selling his tank because a marine velvet outbreak wiped his fish. Some of you will remember he was giving great deals. He gave me a bunch of his live rock and I really want to use some of it. I circulated in freshwater buckets for a week changing the water a couple times a day. Then I set it out on my deck and it has been baking there for a month. It's all white now and perfectly dry. Would I be crazy to put a couple pieces in my sump and start cycling them?(scary)

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i f i didnt have a copper system to put the rock in i would try a formalin/formaldehyde treatment or a small dose of bleach to treat the rock then resoak prior ro use for peace of mind.theoreticaly the parasite should already be gone.i am with noob as i have lost a couple systems do to such diseases. safe than sorry.

just my two cents.

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Do you know for sure he never used medication that contained copper with the rock he gave you? The recommended time for leaving a tank with rock and coral fallow after an outbreak is 4-6 week. If you left this dry for a month I would think it would be fine. Again, unless you know for sure about the copper I would not use it in anything other than a fowlr tank.

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Mr Saltwter tank recently went through this same thing and made a few you tube posts about it sorry I dont have a link for you I am not that internets savey =)


That's funny you say that about mr. Saltwater. I watched that video and emailed him. Mark wrote me right back and had this to say. (This was after one week of drying).

"To be 100% sure, you can bleach the rock (1 cup bleach per 10g). *That will kill anything on the rock.*


What you've done already will likely kill it but bleach will be a sure thing" mark Callahan


I just have a mental block against putting bleach in my aquarium.

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