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Lots of calcification on pumps


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I'm getting crazy amounts of calcification on my pump impellers and bearings (as in tear down and clean 3 weeks ago and now fully calcified again). My tests show relatively low calcium and alkalinity. Should I dial back dosing and see if it stays the same without the calcification? My conditions are as follows:


Alk-7.5 dkh Lamotte

Cal-320 Salifert

Mag-1300ish Red Sea Pro

PH-8ish Salifert


My GFO turns almost black and starts getting clumped up and hard too, with total calcification on top of lid, which is how I know it's becoming a problem. Any ideas are welcome!

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what brand of salt are you using? I am having the same problem, very suddenly. Been doing this hobby what 8 years and til like 2 months ago this never happened, and it is in all my tanks which have different parameters and means of dosing. Very concerned as it's costing me pump parts and maybe eventually pumps themselves. I dose the DIY 2 part method, usually daily on the alk and every few on the calcium. Tried diluting the calcium more and dripping slower, but I have done this for years and don't see why it suddenly would produce precipitate. Tried 2 little fishies calcium, no improvement. Went to BRS calcium, can't tell yet if that will make a difference. I don't know when the problem started, just noticed reduced flow til the pumps shut down. Probably took a couple months. During that time I was using either Kent Reef or ESV 4 part salt and RO water.

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I had the same issue...I really believe that it has a lot to do with the two part and where you dose it...I was dosing it in the chamber just before my return pump...that chamber would get covered with the calcium concrete buildup...it would ruin impeller after impeller on my skimmer and return pump which shared that chamber.


For some reason though it wouldn't build up in the tank...or on any of my vortechs in the main display...I think it's a combination of things that cause the buildup, though I could never solve the issue...I was dosing brs. Salt was kent, but I switched to h2ocean and the same thing happened,



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